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Reliable & Trustworthy Cleaning Service

We know what its like to be busy. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is to clean your  home after a long tenacious week. You can always count on Simply Cleaning Co to provide you with reliable and trustworthy cleaners that actually love what they do and delight in the exuberant faces of their clients.


We Care About the Details

Simply Cleaning Co promises to deliver  exceptional cleaning services each and every time. We ensure complete satisfaction of every client when providing house cleaning in Sydney. At Simply Cleaning Co we are confident in our ability to provide superior high end  house cleaners in Sydney. Not only do we want to ensure our current clientele are delighted with the level of effort we always  provide, we also understand that maintaining business relationships & referrals are paramount to the success of our business. We live and breathe this motto at Simply Cleaning Co. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority and we pride ourselves in providing a service no less that what we would expect of in our own home. We are proud of the level of cleanliness and the great feedback we have been able to achieve 100% of the time.  We are always prepared for all cleaning requirements and will complete your requested tasks always in a timely manner with detail and precision, at a price you'll love. 

Client Testimonials

Gavin Croft | Director & Head of Auctioneering | BresicWhitney



'Sheree from Simply Cleaning Co has been amazing. She came highly recommended by a work colleague of mine and I haven’t looked back since. I live a busy lifestyle and having my apartment thoroughly cleaned & linen laundered once a month takes that extra bit of stress away. I recommend anyone looking for excellent cleaners who are both professional, friendly and efficient to contact Simply Cleaning Co.'

Sarah Browne


"I’ve worked with Sheree from Simply Cleaning Co for the last year and wouldn’t consider using anyone else. She is reliable, friendly, takes pride in her work and consistently goes above and beyond. I recommend her to both friends and clients safe in the knowledge that she will look after their home as though it’s her own."

Brad Pap


"I’m a Realestate agent in the Inner West of Sydney and Sheree at Simply Cleaning Co is the only cleaning professional I use when prepping properties for sale. Fast, takes pride in her work and well priced. Can’t recommend highly enough!!"

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Terms & Conditions


 At Simply Cleaning Co we pride ourselves on being fair, trustworthy, friendly, more than capable and to give our absolute best each and every time.

This is why we feel you should understand how we do business. Please be sure to read the below about our Terms & Conditions of the services we provide prior to booking. 

+ Prices remain a guide only. Additional costs may be incurred if the property is heavily soiled, is larger than first described or larger than average for the building type/size etc or has more complex cleaning methods required.

+ We love to clean however we do not clean building trades mess (paint splatter, leftover building supplies - unless pre-booked for a post building clean), pet mess, ceiling light fixtures, in areas that pose a safety risk (Heights, exposed metal, rust, damaged power supply cords or any other health & safety hazard that is observed).

+ If a post builders clean has not been undertaken after building works have been completed at the property; Simply Cleaning Co will seek to request to undertake one with the cleaning charged at the hourly rate per person. Please note that when trade services have undertaken work at a property, dust will still be settling in that region for quite some time after renovation & due to this Simply Cleaning Co will not be called back to service a property whereas dust has settled on a ‘free of charge basis’ as both parties are to understand the above mentioned regarding dust particles.

+ For Exit/EOL/Move In cleans the property MUST be completely empty or additional fees may apply for personal effects or rubbish having to be removed.

+ Simply Cleaning Co and its employees and/or contractors will not be held responsible or liable for any/all damage or loss to property resulting from rubbish within the property that has been leftover by the tenant/home owner. This includes any/all resulting damage/loss to the property from the removal of furniture, hooks or any other personal property belonging to  or which was the property of the home owner/tenant/vacating tenant/business owner or likewise.

+ Oven’s that are of an ‘older style’ require extra TLC and are therefore charged the p/hr quoted fee to clean separately from the cleaning quote provided (if this is to be required it will be mentioned upon first inspection/quote).

+ We give an immaculate clean however due to the way some appliances or cabinets fit namely fridge, washing machine, oven, grill, bathroom cabinet etc; sometimes it is not possible to clean what you can visibly see however we do promise to provide our 100% attention in attempting to find a way to clean in these difficult places.

+ Where extended hours have been required over and above the quoted hours/amount. These extended hours are understood and accepted by the agent/tenants/home owners/business owners and likewise to have been worked and therefore are made payable at the rate supplied with the original quote. It is deemed that these extended hours have been communicated to the relevant/required person/people with whom the quote was first provided to or another person deemed in charge of making financial decisions regarding the property/premise in question. This communication is understood to be either verbal, text or email correspondence and all various ways of correspondence consititute a contract of service.

+ As we understand over time homes incur wear & tear on their properties. This means sometimes even when cleaned certain parts of the home will not be able to achieve the ‘best finish’  (tiles, fixtures, cabinets, window/door frames, balconies, stained glass etc). This often occurs in older style homes or homes which have not been properly maintained. It must be acknowledged that they require rectification   and/or trades above cleaning services. 

+ Our cleaners are not required to move heavy objects due to Health & Safety (more than 15kgs). This apply's  to items which are difficult in both size and shape (however may not be >15kgs.) It must also be noted that for time spent having to move/reposition/move back items that have been requested to reposition in order to clean; that this may take more time and therefore in this instance the quoted amount may differ from the actual invoiced amount. 

+ There must be running hot/cold water & electricity available in every property we service. We do not guarantee quality workmanship within a business premise/home/vacant unit where these are not available and for exit/move out cleans the bond guarantee will be void.  The hourly rate will apply for the extra time taken to clean the home requiring improvisation under these circumstances. 

+ For agents requiring a return to the property to 'fix' certain areas of cleaning (bond returns, sales campaigns etc). Visual evidence must be supplied by the agent to Simply Cleaning Co before Simply Cleaning Co will organise a time to return to the unit/premise to complete the clean to the standard required. If it is found by Simply Cleaning Co's contractors and/or employees that the unit/premise has no fault (upon further visual  inspection) with the cleaning undertaken prior a minimum charge of $110 will apply as a call out fee plus all parking costs associated with the return to the property in mention.

+ For Agents/tenants/home owners/business owners and likewise who have rushed our cleaning services to be undertaken within a certain time frame, before or by a certain time or for a certain financial amount only please note Simply Cleaning Co will not be held responsible for any missed particulars within the premise/property. We believe in cleaning thoroughly & for this to occur substantial time & effort is certainly required.  For agents requiring a return to the property to complete further cleaning our hourly rate of $55 per hour including GST with a minimum of 2 hours plus parking expenses (as required) will be incurred.  

+ Quotations are based on a Per Hour Per Cleaner basis unless stipulated otherwise. 

+ If paid parking is required by the cleaner this will be added to the final invoice.

+ If cleaning is cancelled with 24 hours of a jobs start time Simply Cleaning Co has the right to request full payment or part thereof as a cancellation fee. Please note that this is discretionary in each individual circumstance. 

+ Payments are to be made into the nominated bank account supplied on the invoice with the invoice number recorded in the description. Payments are not to be made until the final invoiced amount has been sent. 

+ All invoices are due by their due date stipulated on the invoice provided. If payment is not made by the due date then late payment fees may be applicable.

Furthermore the acceptance of Simply Cleaning Co to undertake cleaning activities within your home, vacated property, place of work, business or likewise accepts the above Terms & Conditions in full.


Thank you as always for using Simply Cleaning Co as your preferred cleaning service provider.